How Much is an Electric Skateboard?

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Electric skateboards have been around for a while now, but not many are available in the market yet. One of the most popular questions is how much does an electric skateboard cost?

There are many brands of electric skateboards that come with different features available depending on your budget. This article will discuss the cost of electric skateboards to help you make an educated purchase choice.

Many people are surprised by the price of electric skateboards. They expect that electric skateboards are about the same price as normal longboards. Who would have thought they’d be so expensive?

Electric skateboards contain many components, but the electric motor is often the most expensive. A lithium battery alone would cost several hundred dollars and the electric motor is not very cheap either.

In addition, you have to purchase a remote control for the electric skateboard as well as some other wiring.

Furthermore, these parts must be assembled together which requires special tools – that are not very cheap either – and a lot of work.

Electric skateboards are still considered a niche product, despite the uptick in production. Companies haven’t built huge manufacturing factories which would decrease the price of electric skateboards.

Although electric boards come at a premium price, there are not as many available as the market could use. This means that small businesses have little competition so they can charge a premium.

With the increasing popularity of this fast-growing market, one might assume that competition is starting to heat up. A lack of “good” competitors in the market sometimes drives up prices for manufacturers, as they need to spend a lot more on marketing and advertising, which can be tough if you’re just trying to sell one product.

Consumers want to be safe and have a good working product, but they also want nothing more than to live life on the edge by risking getting hurt while using an unsafe e-board.


Pricing for electric skateboards depends on a number of factors.We’ll explore the factors that determine the cost of electric skateboards. The price of electric skateboards is determined by the costs for production and marketing.

If you want a high-quality electric skateboard, you will have to spend some money. Price raises with quality.

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of an electric skateboard including


The price of an electric skateboard is largely dependent on the battery. It is the heaviest and most valuable part of an electric skateboard.

Electric boards are powered by battery cells. How much does it cost for an electric skateboard is a question that many people have been asking lately.

Charging a battery for an electric skateboard usually costs $150 to $500. It is more expensive to have a stronger and longer-lasting battery.

With a large battery, this device only needs to be charged once or twice before it can run again. Electric skateboards are powered by an electric motor.

In order to move, electric skateboards rely on power from a battery that is transferred into motion as the rider pushes off. An electric motor operates on the principle of electromagnetism.

It is generally dual-motor. The industry standard is not a single motor, but two motors. And two motors will cost also a few hundred dollars. The price of electric skateboard motors can vary from $50 to $300.

Additional parts of an electric skateboard
Electric skateboards have many parts. For our e-board, we need control. One of the most significant expenses with an electric skateboard is parts.

The obvious price variation of electric skateboards originates from the different levels of quality. The higher quality of the skateboard, the more expensive it tends to be.

Location of the company
The price of an electric skateboard varies with the location of the company. North American-, Australian- or European-based companies have to pay a high cost for employees.

The cost of the product is – compared globally ​–– expensive. Compared to the high taxes, fees, and salaries that are imposed on American companies based in America.

Moreover, they are less expensive and can be shipped more efficiently.

Economy of scale

As the eboard industry is still new, manufacturers cannot produce in large quantities and as a result, electric boards can be quite expensive.

The whole idea of scale is that it provides lower prices. Tesla showed this with the Model 3 car, which was middle-of-the-road as far as price goes. The car manufacturer started with high-end sports cars.

They couldn’t give an approximate manufacturing rate and making intermediate-priced cars would have been financially disastrous. It is not difficult to see how the prices of new vehicles skyrocketed because there was such low demand.

The profit from the sale of electric skateboards has helped them to buy new factories built on a larger scale. The larger the size of a shipment, the cheaper it becomes.

Engineers at Tesla reduced the price per car by developing an innovative new design. The mid-range, electric “Tesla Model 3” is now available for purchase.

Electric skateboards have been around for a relatively short time. A very small percentage of skateboards available today are electric because the demand is so low.

These days, good quality guarantees are also expected of expensive products. Although defects in parts and workmanship are less likely with products such as electric skateboards which are assembled by hand, customers still expect a guarantee.

To provide a warranty for your customers and encourage them to buy, offer a protection plan. Your skates are an essential element in the success of your company.

I also raise the specter that the electric skateboard may present a financial risk for companies. You are only responsible for your end of the transaction; if something slips through their quality assurance process, is improperly assembled, made with faulty parts from their supplier- they are responsible.

Products with warranties tend to cost more than those without. Companies are also offering optional warranties to help with the cost. Some retailers may offer a warranty but will provide little or no protection in the event of damage.

For customers who want a comprehensive extended warranty, they can purchase extended warranty policies. This means that companies can charge less for the cost of goods and in turn, customers who want this reassurance are paying more.

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