How Many Miles Should I Bike a Day?

On a journey to cycling a day and asking: how many miles should I bike a day?
How many miles should a bike a day? This is a very common question asked by my many cyclists.

Most cyclists bike not only for leisure but because they want to achieve a certain goal, including staying fit, staying in shape for a certain completion, losing weight among others. As a result, most of them want to know how long they need to cycling in order to achieve their goal.

When it comes to cycling, no rule says you must cover a certain distance each day. This is because the number of miles to cover each day depends on many factors, including your cycling experience, the terrain you are riding, your fitness, and your goal.

For instance, the distance that a person who wants to stay fit for an oncoming competition needs to cover per day is different from some who want to lose weight. But on overage cyclists ride between 40 and 60 miles per day.

How many miles should I bike a day?

Between 40-60 miles. On overage, you should bike between 60-40 miles depending on your goal. According to experts, biking between 40-60 miles a day is healthy and doable. However, beyond that, it could harm your body if you are no a professional cyclist, with many years of experience in cycling.

Regardless of the goal, you want to achieve from cycling, be it staying fit, losing weight among others, you should not go too hard to the point where you hurt your body. Cycle within your limits and don’t exceed 60 miles.

How many miles should I cover a day to lose weight?

Between 12-14 miles per hour. According to a Harvard health publication, a person who wants to lose weight should cover between 12-14 miles per hour to lose weight.

The study found out that a person weighing 125 pounds cycling at between 12-14 miles per hour burned about 240 calories every 30 minutes while a person weighing 185 burned 355 calories every 30 minutes. They concluded that covering between 12-14 miles per hour is the optimum miles for losing when cycling.

How many miles should I bike for a good workout?

Between 40-60 miles. If you want to perform a good overall body workout, you should cover between 40-60 miles a day. But there is no rule when it comes to a good workout while cycling. According to experts, what matters your cycling intensity.

For instance, covering 10 miles of intensive cycling is more effective than covering 15 miles of moderate-intensity cycling. So, instead of focusing on miles to cover a day for a good fit, focus on the intensity of your cycling.

But for moderate cycling, 40-60 miles per day is recommended for a good workout.

How many miles a week should you cycle to keep fit?

About 100 miles. If you want to keep fit, you need to cycle at least 100 miles each week. This means that you should cover at least 14 miles a day of 20 miles in 5 days. Cycling at short bursts of high intensity followed by a short period of rest will give even more desirable results as far as keeping fit is concerned.

Is cycling 100 miles a day hard?

Yes, cycling for 100 miles a day is hard and only recommended for professional cyclists who have gone through rigorous training. For normal cyclists, the recommended miles to cover per day is between 40-60 miles. Anything more than that could do more harm than good to your body.

What happens if you cycle too much?

Cycling too much could results in a suppressed immune system, thus putting you at high risk of getting sick. Too much cycling also put you at risk or experiencing insomnia, restless night and waking up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed.

It could also cause pain, numbness, and erectile dysfunction in men. Too much of something is harmful. The same also applies to cycling too much. Only cycle within your limit. The only cover distance that your body can comfortably handle.

How many miles can I cover in 30 minutes of cycling?

It depends on your speed but on overage, you will cover about 5 miles in 30 minutes of cycling. For instance, if you cycle at a moderate speed of about 12mph, you will cover 5 miles in 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you cycle at a more intense speed of between 17-20mph, you could cover up to 10 miles in 30 minutes.

How long does it take to bike a mile?

There are many different answers to the question since the time varies for everybody. But based on multiple estimates, it takes about 6 minutes for a normal cyclist to bike a mile. On the other hand, a professional rider could take about 2.5 minutes to cover one mile. Common factors that cause variation in time taken to bike one mile include the fitness of the bike, type of bike used, the skill of the rider, terrain, and weather condition.

Is biking 10 miles in 30 minutes doable?

Yes, it is doable. However, only experienced cyclists can achieve this. For normal bikers, a good average for a ten-mile bike ride takes between 45 minutes and an hour. If you are a beginner, then you could take about an hour to cover 10 miles. On the other hand, experienced cyclists biking at a speed of 21mph can cover 10 miles in 30 minutes.

Final thoughts

So, how many miles should I bike a day? As you can see there is no real or accurate answer to this question. There are only estimates, which differ greatly, depending on a large number of factors. However, based on multiple studies conducted, the miles that a cyclist can cover a day is between 40-60 miles. On the other hand, a professional cyclist can cover as much as 100 miles per day. The number of miles to cover a day should depend on what you want to achieve and what your body can tolerate.

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