How Long Does It Take to Bike across America?

Planning to cycle around the country and wondering: how long does it take to bike across America?

Biking across American is one of the most enjoyable and memorable adventures that you can ever engage in. The good thing about biking is that it allows you to see this beautiful country at close range.

Unlike traveling with cars where you are likely to miss many things, biking ensures that you don’t capture every detail, making the entire experience thrilling and exciting. Now, the big question is, how long does it take to bike across America?

How long does it take to bike across America?

It will take between 61-80 days to bike around America depending on the route you take. Biking across America, covering approximately 4500 miles will take you about 81 days to complete. Some routes are more challenging than others. For instance, the Transamerica trail which covers approximately 4271 miles is more challenging than the northern tier route.

How much does it cost to bike across America?

The cost of biking across America can vary greatly depending on your habits and adventure. Some people spend as little as $1000 while others spend up to $10,000. If you are planning to bike across America, you should plan a budget before you start the trip. However, compared to a vacation of similar duration, biking across America is one of the cheapest ways to explore this beautiful country.

Is it hard to bike across America?

No, is not easy but doable. Biking across America is not easy, convenient, and entirely comfortable. You have to be fit, confident, and resilient. Remember you will share the road with vehicles moving at high speed. You will be vulnerable as a cyclist and your safety is not guaranteed. A simple mistake can be catastrophic, meaning you have to be super keen and careful all the time.

How do I prepare to bike across America?

There various things you need to do when preparing to bike across America.

First, you need to choose a comfortable bike. Remember that you will be spending over six hours on the road for potentially months. Therefore, it is important to choose a bike that fits you comfortably.

Before leaving on the ride, take at least one week to exercise. This is important, especially if you are out of shape. Exercise will build the core strength that you will need when biking across America. Lastly, before you leave, ensure that you have all the necessary supplies to avoid inconveniences.

What should I do to cover a lot of miles when biking across America?

The first you need to is start early. It is tempting to sleep, especially with tired legs from the previous day cycling.

Not starting early will affect your efficiency. You should be on the road by 6 am so that by the time the heat kicks in, which is mostly around 11 am, you will have covered a lot of miles.

Additionally, before you start your rides each morning, stretch your muscles to improve your flexibility. Stretching also helps to prevent numbness and cramping while cycling. Last but not least, don’t forget to stay hydrated and replenish the lost calories.

Don’t wait until your body demands water and food.

How many miles a day can you cover while biking across America?

Between 40 and 60 miles. On average you will cover between 40 and 60 miles a day depending on many things, including your fitness level, the terrain, and the type of bike you are using.

More experienced cyclists can cover up to 80 miles a day but the average daily distance commended when cycling across America is between 40 and 60 miles.

What sort of logistics are involved in biking across America?

Biking across America is a huge thing and requires adequate preparation. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary biking gear, including a proper biking outfit, helmet, spare tube, water bottle, pressure pump, and lights.

If possible, have a support car to help you in case of anything. The importance of having enough water cannot be overemphasized. Running out of water is one of the worst things that can happen to you while biking across America.

It is also important to know your resting points and how long it will take you to reach there.

How do you manage your diet when biking across America?

Diet is very important when biking across America. If you don’t eat healthily and enough food, you may end up giving up along the way. Before you start your journey, create a meal plan and try as much as possible to stick to it.

You will burn a lot of calories, meaning your diet should comprise plenty of carbs to replenish your lost calories. Carrying your own food is not practical.

The best and most convenient option is buying food at supermarkets, restaurants, or gas stations. You can also cook your own meals to save on cost.

Regardless of the option you choose, stick to meals that healthy and nutritious. Also don’t overeat, especially when biking because it can cause bloating, which will affect your performance.

What are the different bike routes across America?

What are the different bike routes across America?

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There are many bikes routes across America but the three main bike route across amerce are:

  • The southern tier route- this route is about 3023 miles and starts from California and ends in Florida.
  • The northern tier route- this route is about 4271 and starts from Washington all the way to Maine. You will pass through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and end in Maine. This route also detours slightly into Canada.
  • The Transamerica trail- this route is about 4211 miles and starts from Oregon to Virginia. If you choose this route, you will pass through Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, and ends in Virginia.


If you are planning to bike across America and wondering how long it will take to complete your journey, we hope that this blog has answered your question. On average, it takes between 61-80 days to bike across America. Before embarking on your journey, prepare adequately both physically, emotionally, and financially. The journey won’t be easy but with determination and resilience, you will make it.

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